In Britain we’ve been experiencing this muggy heat, this sickly sticky humidity that sits on your skin like too many people on a crowded underground train ravaging your personal space . Another annoying factor of this pre-Autumn evolution is how deceptively dark it seems outside, where there’s no visual indication to let you know whether it’s jacket appropriate or shorts weather, and I am one who enjoys dressing appropriately. I have discovered however, that the key to wade through this sultry transition is plenty of linen and plenty of shirts.

Such attire was built for August, and artists; safari hunters and Bermudians will all unite to prove this very point. For those seeking a more visual reference, The Rum Diary features Johnny Depp as a boozy journalist/author who gets completely smitten by Amber Heard during his work in Puerto Rico. Sure, the weather is probably triple the intensity of anything you’d get in London, and Panama hats don’t seem to go down very well here either, but the costume design in the film is brilliant with tailored pieces made from ’60s cotton which I believe is typically lightweight. There’s a lot of loose fitting yet smart attire that blends with humidity so well, and as it’s quite troublesome to wear even your standard shiny work suit in the heat, it might be worth googling the film for some linen/lightweight inspiration.


While I own many white shirts, my favourite of all has to be this CMMN SWDN white shirt. It has this varsity jacket style collar which is a bitch to clean but is a nice touch not often found on shirting. The great thing about higher end shirts is the cotton tends to be a little thicker. Good quality white clothing doesn’t have the problem of being slightly see-through, and avoids the accidentally revealing attributes often found within high-street clothing. The CMMN SWDN shirt has an inner bib layer, adding a little more detail and interest to the ordinary white shirt. While it’s quite tough to innovate the standard white shirt, if you’re looking to purchase some white shirts it would be wise to spend a little more – it’s very easy to tell the difference between cheaper fabric shirts and those you’ve forked out for.

Linen clothing and linen-blends tend to be a little less dear and most of mine I purchase from the king-of-all basics UNIQLO. Their linen range is particularly good and comes in every colour of the rainbow, and at the moment they’re pushing their French Linen range. Supposedly France and Belgium have brilliant conditions for growing the flax plant of which linen is made from, and while the 100% linen clothing is considered premium it does tend to be a little harsh in comparison to the standard line which is a linen-cotton-blend. Linen ages surprisingly well and it’s something that will get softer over time (and last longer), so if you’re willing to put in the time just as you would with your denim, go for the 100% pieces, and you’ll be ready for Panama time in San Juan.


Photographed by Owen Harvey


Trousers – Uniqlo

Shoes – Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Sunglasses – Cheap Monday at Specsavers

[transferred from www.mrboy.co.uk, originally published 11 August 2015]