That was the theme concocted for the first lookbook with people for Catherine Dang. We wanted the oddball, the strange one, the recluse.

It’s a shame that those out of the ordinary are thrown into the bracket dubbed ‘hipster’, as I’d like to think hipsters are purely about face value and temporary ethics (because they ride the hip wagon), where as those who could be say, green-friendly, are there for the long haul. I think no matter how you dress you are constantly making a statement. It is something that cannot be avoided, and that is simply the nature of appearance – we cloak ourselves in something which ultimately provides another individual with a perception, even if we ourselves care or not. Catherine’s own style personifies what you’d expect of a designer. She’s cool, understated, but – in the environmental sense – as green as possible.

I first met Catherine Dang back at Jacket Required a few years ago. Her brand consists of herself, her partner and her bags. She makes them all, and does some damn good research into reducing her carbon foot-print in making them. Back then there was two leather backpacks, and a variety of very premium linen styles – all very understated but instantenously noticeable for their quality. Since then, the brand has moved forward as have Catherine’s own ideas, pushing the brand in a greener direction, replacing leather with cork and removing any unfriendly dyes out of the equation. The standard hasn’t changed and both the linen and lining remains beautiful, and the brand’s niche of consciousness yet considered “luxury” pushes it into a good realm pioneered by the likes of Stella McCartney.

Skip a year or two of back and forward chat, myself and Cat decided to talk about a new lookbook. What I present today is the outcome, of multiple minds meeting to create something that is a little odd. The styling was by myself, and I wanted to do something a little simple but a little weird at the same time. Something with a slight touch of bizzare, yet also very natural. In hindsight, I wish I tidied it up a little more, but I’m happy with the outcome. It’s nice to do something within this industry that isn’t about bold statements, and something that is instead mellow and simplistic.

Available from www.catherinedang.com.



modelled by Magnus & Storm

photography by Yeshen Venema

styled by Karlmond Tang

hair and make-up by Hanna Sorcha