My interest in style is its affect on our thoughts. The snap judgements we make when seeing someone for the first time, and the slight pique of our curiosity as we attempt to work out their lives and lifestyles within several glances. While some may say they have no interest in the way they dress, that alone provides an insight into their mentality, and no matter how much we might try to hide behind our clothing, it is our clothing that never really remains hidden.

Unfortunately, it is a painful truth that the fashion industry can be shallow, an attribute that occasionally I am not without.

Sometimes we have to play the game, where appearances can be the primary factor for a good, memorable first impression,  and our nice or unique personalities have to ultimately take a back seat (with exceptions). I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing – we are part of an industry which trades in aesthetic, whether it is clothing or imagery. We create personalities and ideals, so it only makes sense for us to buy and sell the idea of beauty and “cool”. Where it falters is when it leads to vanity, honed by the peer pressure of the digital age which is ridden with merciless judges with nothing more than weak, shallow opinions. We begin to stereotype and judge, applying negativity and disdain when one “doesn’t meet the standards”. While I would praise and remember the ones who stand out – unintentionally or intentional – I would never criticise someone for dressing or looking the way they want, even if it wasn’t to my “tastes”.

I admit it takes confidence to not care. Guts to go against the grain. Nonjudgmental to be nonchalant. But once you distance yourself from the negativity and maintain (self) respect, the only one laughing will be you.

Ekaterina is the boss. A linguist, a photographer, a model and ex dancer, she is usually casted for the androgynous brief. I wanted to show a different variant of femininity with androgyny, as mostly these days it’s loose fitting layers which removes all the shape. I’ve met few who could pull off a Tank Girl better than her! 

Test 2


from left to right

Jacket – Maison Kitsune
Trousers – Richard Anderson
Sunglasses – Kuboraum

Jacket – Our Legacy
Top – Maison Kitsune
Trousers – Marni

as before

Jacket – Tourne de Transmission
Waistcoat – Carrier Company
Trousers – Le Kilt
Sunglasses – Monokel

as before

Jacket – Tourne de Transmission
Top – Our Legacy
Trousers – Our Legacy
Sunglasses – Monokel

as before

modelled by Ekaterina Ozhiganova at Rockmen
art / style / photography by Karlmond Tang