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It’s odd to think that the first post I transferred over to this new site was “Autumn Brown”, which as it says on the tin, was an outfit post to mark the peak of autumn. Back then my hair was well, much shorter. My tastes/preferences in “style”, more or less the same. My attitude towards things back then, vastly different and maybe a little naive. Looking back at my old Tumblr I realise it was posted back in December 2013, and to think about how slow time has actually passed (as it feels like three or four years ago) is a bizarre thought. Your ideas, likes and even acquaintances can come and go in a matter of months before you’ve drifted out of one thing and onto the next.

Back then, I was still very much into corduroy and Uniqlo, and things haven’t really changed. In the colder season I’m quite happy to embrace a monochrome wardrobe. Black and white might be tired in some eyes, but I will always consider it a smart choice, and one where the cuts of your clothing stand out more than anything. When all you’ve got is a plain colour palette, details and “silhouettes” (the buzzword defining the cut and shape of fabric) are the only thing noticeable. That’s why skinny jeans were always so noticeable back in the emo days, because they were usually black and usually your sisters.

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I’ve worked with DAVIDOFF to showcase two of their styles. This is the first of the couple – a soft suitcase “created for the modern citizen”. It features the brand’s new Colorama print, but maintains the same size and capacity of its previous business bags. I’ve reviewed the previous collection before and it was indeed roomy. The idea was it’s made for one of those overnight business trips, or perhaps one where hardcopy presentations are required alongside your tech (which is usually the case for me these days), and it’s an idea it executes quite well. The appearance is a little more extravagant than its predecessors, with a circle “link” print that comes in red; black and blue. The black is by far the most universal and does make a smart addition to an already smart wardrobe. It stands out, not just because of the print but the quality is actually very, very good. You can always appreciate something when it comes in a dust bag with those stickers that prevent markings on the zips.

So, as having a printed bag is a statement in itself, keep everything else pared back and simple. As mentioned, black and white is almost always smart. My trousers are bespoke and I purposely went for a slim cut. There’s a faint narrow pinstripe and I probably unhealthily wear them four times a week because it’s a smart choice which works with everything, even my sweaters. Since cut is so noticeable on black, going for something slim or something wide will be much more noticeable, and make sure the length is always spot on because you’ll get crumpled ankles clumsily floundering over your shoes. It can cost less than what you paid for your trousers to get them cropped and neatened from your average tailor or dry cleaner, and makes all the difference.

I’ve stuck with Uniqlo for my winter shirts – their flannels are fantastic and the brand still stands as my go-to and one of my favourites of all time. They might not be the smartest alternative for a business meeting, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with formal trousers. If all else fails to smarten things up, a long coat almost always helps, and Greatcoat have an incredible range of long coats in various luxury textures. It’s a brilliant new brand that as cheesy as it sounds, it really does feel as good as it looks. With a long coat should go a long scarf. If you’re worried about being too monochrome, get something with a little colour, but as I just mentioned to my brother, try something other than navy or black – try a green, camel or brown. The DAVIDOFF Pashmina has this weave of grey and green that stands out much more than your safe navy choices.


Photographed by Dom Fleming


Coat – Greatcoat

Shirt – UNIQLO

Trousers – bespoke


Shoes – Grenson

[transferred from www.mrboy.co.uk, originally published 11 August 2015]

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