[originally posted on – 04/05/2015. The jeans are out of stock but older washes are still available at Mr. P]

501 CTs

There’s something a bit odd about light wash jeans. Whenever I think about the faded variant a number of nostalgic images spring to mind. John Mayer, from his Any Given Thursday live album, who wore a pair of loose fit lighter wash jeans you could fit three people in to, and a not-so-great dirty long sleeve tee to go with it (of course the man is a genius so who cares), and Zack Morris, the lead character from Saved by the Bell who was fresher than the Fresh Prince, and seemingly a style icon for Dalston’s finest (and saying that, he’s not that bad). And then there’s the nameless individuals, such as the stereotype hairdresser, English professor, or as my friend finely put the other day when I was wearing them, “you look like a mum”. Despite the bullying and iconic associations, I have to say I like ‘em, and it’s definitely not easy finding a pair you like.

Mr. Porter have done it again wangling their way into yet another “first”, this time convincing Levis to collaborate on their own custom wash for the Mr. Porter consumer. This is the first ever brand union to have tampered with the Levi’s 501 signature fit, which has been the denim brand’s pride and joy for over 140 years. There’s a few custom tweaks to alter the fit, of which the Levi’s 501 CTs are typically tapered for a slimmer fit (which I prefer to the regular 501s), and three washes to choose from, including the daring light wash. The darkest wash is certainly the easiest option to be worn with everything, but all three washes are brilliant choices to fit your wardrobe occasions, and it’s these varied occasions which essentially define the all-over-town Mr. Porter consumer. And it might be worth noting that these are handmade from what the buyer team will tell you, “the finest denim in the world”. Nice.


Similar to the ethos behind the CTs, I appreciate that things have changed to fit modern tastes. There’s a reason why you didn’t notice the wacky dress sense of Saved By The Bell when you first laid your eyes upon Kelly Kapowski or AC Slater, because at the time they were somewhat current, and as TV fashion has “evolved” to the likes of glitzy Made in Chelsea, what we see and what influences our tastes tends to be moulded by pop culture. There are still the devotees who hail the Green Ranger as a style icon, or anything Tom Selleck related (most noteworthy 3 Men and a Baby), but I believe you should merely use these as references rather than match them tit for tat. If you want to wear a bolo tie – fine! Just leave the spurs and bandana at home.


Photography by Dom Fleming

Jumper by Filipa K

Jeans by Mr Porter x Levis

Case by Wooyoungmi

Shoes by Puma